Steph Rybczyn is a human person who inhabits various little corners of K'jipuktuk (Halifax) with her various two legged, four legged, finned, winged, and leafy pals.

Her work is very whimsical, and nearly always informed by the grief and precarity of having a body at all, let alone staying in it!

Never certain if her own memories are fact or fabrication, she functions from a place of "who-knows". A good story is always welcome: She believes that all objects have secret lives that can be witnessed if you ask right. That witnessing, that silently sensing a happening, is sacred and is a most important practice in the new relationship structures needed to get out of this mess.

She is an ecologist in her relationships to all things, but it’s not ecology school that she went to - she survived 5 years of NSCAD (2011-16) and went on to dig around with the Red Clay Studio Society, chairing its board from 2019 to present. While attempting to initiate repair and anti-oppressing work with the organization, one of its central people died and its fate remains uncertain.

She recently learned to work with media art via the Centre for Art Tapes through mixing footage of her grandparents arguing while peeling garlic, with pomegranates and her own blood under microscopes. In September she became a student of the Canadian College of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

She likes to sing secret songs to the inhabitants of her personal ecosystems, which sometimes looks like decorating the plants and building experimental cat toys out of toilet paper tubes.