Liminal Fleshold was a multi-sensory collaborative installation project hosted at the White Rabbit Arts Festival in 2019. The installation was completed with the help of Sarah Lloyd and many friends who contributed their knitting. Music was composed by Jacques Mindreau and Sarah Lloyd. Hidden food component was designed and executed by Justin Andrews. Documentary film by Shuvanjan Karmaker. Background image of this page captured by Meghan Whitton.

The piece was designed to be experienced at night, but due to being entirely lit with string lights and being quite deep in the woods, we were only able to get daytime video footage.

Special thanks to the forest for allowing me to bring my weird objects to you and hang them from your limbs. I hope you enjoyed being decorated as much as I enjoyed doing the decorating.
you are walking, it is dark
you are sensing.
you hear a call like a whale, but you are in the woods.
in the shadows, a string of lights is barely visible. it disappears into the thick blanket of night, but it pulls towards the whales
so you follow.
you follow down a long road, the way forward barely visible
you follow for a long time.
the sound persists, it grows louder
finally you reach the top of an embankment and look down
below you, down a hilly path, is a glowing pool of swirling, vibrant fibres and bodies
something is happening down there.
you go before you know you are going
pulled forward by the sounds and sights that now surround you
deep in layers of crunchy leaves and mosses and late summer
the forest has been decorated; or has it decorated itself?
everything is draped in luminosity
a basket of glowing eggs
colourful spider webs leading you, somewhere
you enter an especially lighted dome, like bowerbirds using electricity
lift a glass lid from a mossy log, bright pink cubes and herbs
onward, and
there are strange glassy mushrooms peering at you
you are getting pummeled by pompoms
turned around and around
now, on a bridge, the gurgling stream asks of you
what will you do with this?
where will you go now?